EnVie Fitness Langley

EnVie is a ladies only, boutique, group fitness studio. Offering the very best instructors in all of your favorite classes – including Yoga, Zumba, Barre plus many more EnVie Signature classes which incorporate both strength training and cardio; over 60 classes a week to choose from.

EnVie isn’t just another gym! It’s a community of fitness instructors and like-minded women, supporting and motivating each other to work towards their individual fitness goal. Complete the below form to register for your free 7 day trial.

EnVie Fitness Langley

Unit 1, 20178 96th Ave.
Langley, BC, V1M 0B2

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Why EnVie Fitness?


Female Gym

Feel right at home and work together with other women to achieve the same fitness goals as you.


No Joining Fee

We know it’s hard to make the first step. That’s why we’re making it easier with packages that have no joining fees.

Group Training

Small Groups

We provide a wide variety of results driven Group Fitness classes so you never get bored with EnVie Fitness.

Become a Member

At EnVie we have a range of fitness options for you to choose from, simply complete the form and our friendly team will be in touch to discuss options and begin your membership.

First time? Drop in for a free session – it’s on us.

EnVie Promise

Your promise to get on track and commit to a full month, one month at a time. Our promise to get you started with long-term achievement. Month-to-month, no commitment, unlimited sessions, requires direct monthly billing to a credit card or checking account.

EnVie Results

Now you’re ready for real results. Based on 12 months this membership will get you looking and feeling your best. Fitness is more than exercise: it is goal crushing and life changing. This commitment proves to our staff and to yourself that you are ready for a new you. Requires direct monthly billing to a credit card or checking account.

EnVie Accomplish

Prepaying several months in advance sets you up for success. Accomplishing the initial hurdle “can I do it?” and turning it into “I did it.” Excuses? Gone. Attitude? You’re ready. No direct billing required.